ASuite 2.0 Alpha 2 released

I am pleased to announce that ASuite 2.0 Alpha 2 is available for download by developers and testers. This is an early developer release intended for testing purposes only.

This alpha has only basic features, without advanced functions, like Scheduler, Hotkey, Mouse Sensors and etc... Don't worry, these functions will back in Alpha 3. For more information, see the roadmap.


  • Added Windows 7 support
  • Removed SaveSecurity
  • Improved Search
  • Added Most Frequently Used list in TrayMenu


  • Porting to Lazarus 1.0.6/FPC 2.6.2
  • Use sqlite database as storage format (instead xml)
  • Rewrited many parts of code
  • Added complete PNG support

Known issues
This version is not available in other language than English. I will add localization in Alpha 3 or Beta version.

Download ASuite 2.0 Alpha 2

New Revision Control System for ASuite

In these days, ASuite's code has been moved to GitHub, a famous social coding. It is available here.

This move has purpose to improve project's visibility and attract new developers in it.

Why Github?
Github is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system. The site provides social networking functionality such as feeds, followers and the network graph to display how developers work on their versions of a repository.

For more info, you can see github's features page

The old SVN repository is closed and it will never update.

I'm back

After months (years?) absence, I'm back to work in ASuite Project. Unfortunately, I have time for ASuite because I'm unemployed (sob...), but this is another story.

In these weeks, I tried Lazarus 1.0 (a very important milestone version) and I liked it. So I make a decision: I will port ASuite in Lazarus/Free Pascal. Why? Because:

  • Lazarus (IDE) and FreePascal (compiler) are Free Software (as ASuite) and free (Delphi license is very expensive for me)
  • Delphi XE3 is a heavy and slow bloatware, instead Lazarus is lightweight and fast
  • Cross platform, for a future ASuite for Linux

After removed useless and added new components, I'm rewriting from scratch the code relating to loading/saving list (and ASuite Options) in a sqlite database (as in ASuite 2.0 Alpha1). After this, I will fix bugs and I will release a new Alpha version.

Stay tuned for future updates

A new website for SalvadorSoftware

Hello everyone. I'm Matteo Salvi (aka El Salvador) and I'm glad to introduce you in the new SalvadorSoftware website, after many months of absence in the web.

The new website aims to provide visitors with easier access to information around ASuite and my other softwares. I hope you like it.

ASuite actual state

Unfortunately, I have too little spare time for myself and so for my projects, as ASuite and this website. I have great ideas in mind for ASuite (see ASuite Roadmap, for example), but unfortunately working alone on this software, I can do very little.

Having said this, I want to clarify one thing: ASuite is NOT dead and will not die. You will only have patience, a lot of patience.

Thank you and good surfing.

El Salvador

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